Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Embracing This Year’s Summer Jewelry Styles

Although we like to look great all year round, summer brings about a different type of attention to what we are wearing and how we look. We take time to shop for our summer wardrobe, find the perfect summer shoes, and schedule pedicures. We have a different level of energy as soon as the weather clears up, and it is evident as we shop for the latest in summer trends. Every year there is a new “must have” for women, but there are several things that have withstood the summer trends and appear every year as a must for every trendy wardrobe: ankle bracelets and toe rings.

Many times as we focus on finding the major pieces of our look we forget to add the accessories that accentuate our outfits. Accessories take our look from average to exciting. Small details can make for bold statements, and ankle bracelets and toe rings do just that. We have the same ability to dress up and accessorize other parts of our bodies, and our ankles and toes are the perfect targets for a little bit of sparkle. 2014 jewelry trends are for bold necklaces, so if your other jewelry is bold look for something a little more subtle for your ankles and toes.

Spring 2014 Jewelry Trends

Here are some of the details that you will want to look for in finding the perfect ankle bracelet and toe ring to complete your summer look.

Deciding on the perfect ankle bracelet 

The look of an ankle bracelet is both modern and chic. There are so many styles to choose from it is just a matter of finding the one that best defines you. You can select one that is as simple or as intricate as your look requires. There are a couple of decisions you need to make to find the perfect bracelet.

• First decide on your metal. Are you a fan of gold or white gold? Are you looking for something a little different? Consider rose for a bit of a different look.
• After you have selected your metal then you need to think about the overall look and details. Do you want a simple chain or are you more of a charm lover? There are so many options to choose from at www.jewelbasket.com that you may walk away with more than one. If a simple chain is just not exciting enough look at a classy heart or at the gorgeous diamond looks. No matter what you select rest assured that it will look fantastic displayed on your ankle.
• Finally, select a size. Many women become frustrated with the sizing of some chains. If you need a plus size chain there is a beautiful option available to you on www.jewelbasket.com. Ankle bracelets are no longer one size, which never fit all. Select the adjustable piece if you need something longer.

Exploring adjustable toe rings 

Toe rings have outlasted many other trends. They are trendy and classy, showing off your beautiful pedicure. You can select a simple gold or white gold adjustable ring, or you can purchase a diamond toe ring that really is the perfect look in any pair of sandals. If you just can’t decide then select a two-tone toe ring that will give you the best of both options. The adjustability means that anyone can wear one and make it look great. Women of all ages can enjoy the look of a toe ring, and many continue to wear them year-round. Go to www.jewelbasket.com for the latest in toe ring styles. Look for something simple and classy so that it can always be in style. Gold, white gold, and diamonds are your best bet in pieces that will continue to be worn for years to come. If you have never worn a toe ring you will be surprised by the comfort. These adjustable toe rings are designed to fit perfectly. The tabs are simply bent outward, the ring is slipped over the toe and then bent securely around the toe. Adjustable jewelry means that everyone can wear them.

When you select any accessories you want them to make you feel great. So many times we dress up the rest of our bodies that we forget to consider our legs and feet that are on display all summer long. The gorgeous pieces available will make an immediate impression, and you will want to wear the pieces every day. They are the ideal beach pieces, but they can also comfortably be worn to work. Find pieces that are subtle yet beautiful and no matter what your age they will look great!


Monday, June 30, 2014

Making an Impression: Choosing the Perfect Gift for the Lady in Your Life

The truth is that most women are very difficult to shop for. Not that it’s her fault, but women tend to have a style of their own which can be a challenge when you are faced with having to select a birthday present, a Mother’s Day gift, or something special for Christmas. You could always go with a generic gift card to a restaurant or a clothing store, but somehow that is lacking in the area of a special, well thought out gift. No matter how old we are we will always want to impress mom or our wives with something that stands out. Forget clothing as the ideal gift, it will go out of style and really doesn’t give the true message you are trying to relay. Every birthday or holiday is an opportunity to thank her for all she does and show her how special she truly is. This year, buy her something that she will use and appreciate.


For the women in your life, since most have more than one that they love and appreciate, jewelry is always the way to go. That should be easy enough, right? Walk into any jewelry store and you will be bombarded with hundreds of lovely and appropriate options for your wife or mother. From bracelets to rings, pendants to watches, the decision becomes no easier than prior to walking into the store. As you browse the vast selection, know that there is one piece of jewelry that is both elegant and timeless: gold hoop earrings. While this is something that we would normally consider for someone who we know has their ears pierced, ask about the selection of gold hoop clip on earrings. Here are some reasons to consider gold clip on earrings for your next gift.

1. Gold hoop earrings are classy. Just as she is, these earrings are the picture of class. Simple yet elegant, she will treasure them every time she wears them. Their timeless design means they will not go out of style next season. Something too trendy is bound to go out of style quickly, and may just not be right for everyone. This is the perfect gift for anyone, as they are also available as clip on gold earrings. This is bound to become her favorite piece of jewelry, first because it came from you, and second because it is a style loved by all women. Show her that you know her so well and choose a piece that embodies her class.

2. Earrings are an affordable option. Contrary to what you might think, 14k gold clip on earrings will not break the bank. They are a truly affordable gift, and she will get her use out of them. This is much better than spending the money on a sweater that she might wear once and then sits in a closet, forgotten. When you consider what you spend on other things that she will never use, put your cash towards something that she will love.

3. Gold clip earrings are both practical yet special. Nothing is more versatile than gold hoop earrings. Choose a simple design for everyday use, or a more detailed and intricate design for something even more special. You will find that she is going to wear the earrings regularly, if not daily. If gold is not her preference, look for white gold clip on earrings, which are becoming more and more popular. The ability to wear them comfortably every day makes them practical. The thought that you put into the gift makes them extra special.

Don’t be restrained by the detail of pierced ears or not. There is something for everyone, and the best gift idea for that special lady this year are gold hoop earrings. A staple for every jewelry collection, select a style and type that is right for your lady. Whether you select regular or clip on earrings, know that she will love the thoughtfulness of your gift. Knowing her style select from gold or white gold to make them the perfect pair for your mom or wife. No one wants to buy a gift that will be put in a drawer or closet forgotten. Your special lady will wear her gold clip on earrings with pride.

Women, Style, & Self-Expression
by Lemonly.

Getting To Know Your Personal Jewelry Style

We all have our own personal likes and preferences. What we choose to wear regularly makes up our personal style. We carefully select our clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry, showing the world who we are. All of these things make a statement, it’s just a matter of figuring out what statement we want to make about ourselves. No doubt some things can be considered over the top, especially if you work in a professional environment. But don’t worry ladies, one of the easiest and most attractive ways to make a statement is with our jewelry.


The type of jewelry we choose says a lot about us. When we choose to, or are required to wear a more conservative outfit it may end up feeling stifling and boring. The solution is to dress it up with just the right jewelry to make it exciting. Here are some points to consider when you are selecting your jewelry tomorrow morning.

1. Go bold or go home! Think about trying a piece that is considered a statement piece. A larger or bolder piece stands out against your otherwise conservative outfit and gives you the punch you might be looking for. Look for a colorful necklace or bracelet that might look out of place, but in reality compliments the rest of your outfit. This doesn’t mean choose three bold accessories. Remember, there is such a thing as too much. A number of bold pieces will become overwhelming and distracting, so settle for one beautiful statement piece that you can wear in style.

2. Incorporate gemstones. While gold, silver, and white gold jewelry is beautiful, adding a splash of color with gemstones is always a good idea. You can really coordinate them with any outfit, and the color creates a bright spot in any look. Choose single pieces or wear a set of gemstone jewelry to include the necklace, earrings, bracelet, and ring. You can also wear gemstone jewelry alongside of other pieces to create a richer look. Never shy away from color, instead embrace the gemstones that you love or even represent your birth month. This is a great way to tell someone something about yourself without advertising it too loudly.

3. Go with the classics. If your style is more subtle and classic, then you want to stick to the classic pieces that are timeless. Diamonds and gold are literally every girl’s best friends. Depending on your personal preferences you can chose gold or white gold, and the pieces will be just as beautiful. The easiest pieces to coordinate are earrings, and every woman should own diamond earrings and gold hoop earrings. They are versatile and work for everyone, every style, and every outfit. They are always appropriate and easy to wear. You might say, “This isn’t an option for me because I never had my ears pierced.” If this is you then you would be wrong. There is a large selection of 14k gold clip on earrings at JewelBasket that will fit your needs. Perfect for anyone who has never pierced their ears but still wants to look stylish, the gold hoop clip on earrings are easy to wear and stay where you put them. No worries about losing them or feeling discomfort. Choose from a variety of styles that will look and feel like pierced earrings, and will give you the stylish look that you have always wanted. Gold clip earrings are not created equal, so make sure that you purchase a quality set that will last you a lifetime.

There are many ways to express your style, and these are just a few. Get to know your own look and personality and compliment it with jewelry pieces. Are you bold and fun? Do you enjoy pops of color that hints at your personality? Or are you a woman of classic and timeless taste? You might find that on different days you are all of these women. Choose jewelry pieces that will fit your style on all of these occasions. There might be events that call for different pieces, and you want to be prepared for everything. For every day and versatility make sure to invest in a good pair of diamond earrings and gold hoops, for pierced and non-pierced ears. You will find yourself wearing these most often since they go with everything. Finally, the ladies that haven’t pierced their ears no longer have to settle for anything less than gorgeous. You will find that it is well worth the investment.

Interesting Jewelry Facts

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Give Dad the Best Father’s Day Gift This Year

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate dad. For all he does throughout the year and all he is, you want to show him your appreciation and love. With his special day quickly approaching you may be finding it difficult to decide on the best Father’s Day gift. Other years you may have gone with a shirt and tie, a new wallet, or maybe even golf clubs. Gift cards, dinner, and electronics are popular and easy go-to ideas as well. These are all great ideas, but they have been done. It is time to give him something truly special and unique. There are some things that we may not even consider for dad, but they would end up being something special that he will treasure. This year, visit a jewelry store to shop for dad’s gift.

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Dad probably already owns a watch, which might be your first thought entering a jewelry store. For this gift head over to the gold chains. What may seem like a nontraditional gift is actually the perfect thought for any dad. As you browse the selection of 14k yellow gold and 14k white gold chains you will find a large variety to choose from. Here are some popular styles that would be the perfect gift idea:

• Rope chain – Both in 14k gold and 14k white gold, this is a traditional and simple chain that is ideal for anyone who prefers simple and understated. This style of chain is a classic design that will suit everyone’s style. This chain looks great when enhanced with a pendant. Look for something that describes dad’s interests and it will be the perfect complement to your gold chain.

• Curb chain – Also available in gold and white gold this is a thicker chain that gives a bold statement. It is also a traditional design that can be worn alone or it too can be matched with a pendant. Made in Italy, you will want to pair this with a matching bracelet for a full set.

• Figaro chain – This is a beautiful chain that adds a little more elegance and detail that is appealing to the eye. This is an excellent chain to be worn alone. This is a very popular style, and can be selected in a variety of sizes.

• Byzantine chain – This is a thick and beautiful chain that will make a statement. Made in Italy this is a men’s chain that will surely be noticed. Available in 14k gold and white gold, your father or husband will love this chain.

• Omega chain – A 14k white gold Omega chain is one of the boldest and richest designs you can purchase in a chain. Also available in 14k gold select the dad in your life’s favorite and you can be sure that he will wear it every day. The linked disks create a unique and beautiful look that is perfect for all. If you can’t decide on gold or white gold, go with a reversible chain that gives you both.

• Designer chains – If you want a bit of a different look, try the designer chains. Also available in a two tone gold necklace this is ideal for the man who wears both. If your father or husband is unique and you want something that showcases that then this is the chain for you.

Once you have settled on a style, then you need to select either a 14k gold or white gold chain. If you select the reversible Omega chain then you get both for the price of one! Your final decision will be the length of the chain. Men’s gold chains come in up to 24” lengths, so choose the gold chain that is the appropriate length for your man.

No matter which design you choose know that the man in your life will be amazed by the thought behind your gift. All gold chains can be worn alone or with a pendant of your choice. If choosing a pendant consider your husband’s or father’s hobbies and interests, sport’s teams, memberships, or other interests. You will want to work closely with a jeweler who understands men’s jewelry, specifically gold chains. With the expert guidance you will be able to select the right style for dad. Get dad the gift he wants this year and he will be sporting a stylish 14k gold or 14k white gold chain all year long.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Decades of Tradition: Freemasonry

The United States is rich with traditions. One of those traditions is even older than the Founding Father’s – Freemasonry. Freemasons are a fraternal order that has been around for quite a long time before the birth of the United States, and it only made sense to align a newborn nation with one of the oldest and most sacred groups. From its birth in London to its move across the big pond, Masonry quite literally helped build this country. The Founding Father’s found a lot of similarities between the teaching of the Freemasons and their early republican values – it only made sense to join the two and build a strong, healthy nation. Our American culture is so diverse and steeped in so many various heritages, Freemasonry being one of the founding subcultures. Let’s explore the early beginning of Freemasonry and the United States, as well as the modern day Masons.

The Birth of a Fraternal Movement 

The story begins in 18th century London, where Freemasonry was born as an early fraternal movement. To really understand the Masons, let’s look at what defines a fraternal society. A fraternal society is an organized society of men brought together in an environment of companionship and brotherhood. This society is dedicated to the growth of its members in the areas of intellect, environment, and physicality. From their organized birth, the Masons were committed to creating good citizens, forging real friendships, speaking out against cultural and social divides, and supporting charity. The Freemasons made huge impacts in the social awareness of slavery and the freedom of all of America’s peoples. It’s no wonder the Founding Father’s felt at home to call themselves Freemasons as well.

America’s history is rich with famous, well-known Freemasons. Right up until the Revolution, there was a strong assemblage of Masons in America. This tight-knit brotherhood included men like Paul Revere, who was a skilled silversmith, Freemason, and integral part of the Revolution in the United States. The Masons were also extremely accepting and supportive of African Americans in a time that was not so tolerant. There were many famous African American Freemasons, like Prince Hall, who contributed to America’s Revolution. Some other famous Freemasons were George Washington, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, and countless others through history. Joining the Freemasons gave members a sense of support and a way to make an impact in politics at the time; both aspects shaped the values of the country we love today.


Modern Day Masons 

By 1820, the Freemasons have established themselves as an important part of the United State’s early history. The Masons have literally laid the foundation of the country in building some of the most important political buildings, such as meeting halls, government buildings, and churches. Most everyone was familiar with the famous compass, pyramid, eye, and other Freemason imagery, as this was often found on furniture, textiles, and jewelry everywhere – regardless of the person’s involvement with the Freemasons. Even the seal of the United States of America contains Masonic imagery - the pyramid and eye appear on the dollar bill. The dress of the Freemasons was also quite well known, the iconic aprons and trowels. With how recognizable Freemasonry symbols had become, the Masons began to set themselves apart with special markers, like Masonic Jewelry.

Freemasons continue the tradition of sporting Masonic jewelry in modern days. With so many various fraternal orders, Masonic jewelry is one sure way for Freemasons to set themselves apart from other orders in the area. This is also a fantastic way to show pride in their respective Orders. Masonic jewelry can tell people about the order the man belongs to, as well as his status and involvement in the brotherhood. Here at JewelBasket, we are committed to bringing everyone beautiful, quality pieces of jewelry. This is no different when it comes to our selection of Freemason jewelry. We really have something for every man. Whether he’s looking for a ring, watch, tie clip, or cufflink set, our selection of items cannot be matches. As always, our Masonic jewelry is made from the same top quality gold, silver, and gemstones as all of our other jewelry. If you’re looking for a gift for a Freemason, we have custom options to truly represent who they are as a man and a Mason. Our country is rich with the history of the Freemasons; let us help you honor that heritage at JewelBasket.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Mother’s Day: A Cause for Celebration

Spring is finally here! With the blooming flowers and chirping birds comes an important day – Mother’s Day! This special day is a time to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives and everything they’ve done for us. The idea of celebrating the women that gave us life and love has been around for centuries. Let’s explore how Mother’s Day came to be and some idea for how to celebrate the amazing women in your life.

The Story of Mother’s Day 

The earliest celebration of mothers and motherhood can be traced back as far as the Greeks and Romans. These celebrations often honored Goddesses these cultures associated with women and motherhood. Later came an early Christian tradition known as “Mothering Day”. This practice involved people making a journey back to their origins to honor their “Mother Church”. Children would often give their own mothers small gifts or flowers after a special Sunday service at their “Mother Church”.

Later, national recognition of Mother’s Day in the United States was thought up by an American woman named Anna Jarvis in 1905 after the death of her own mother. Long before this event, Anna thought it was important for children everywhere to honor their mothers. After her beloved mother passed away, she decided to take the idea of a day dedicated to mothers nationwide. Anna’s goal was to celebrate mothers everywhere as the women that make our lives and homes truly special.

In 1907 she began a campaign to establish Mother’s Day as a national holiday in the United States. She and her supporter would write countless letters and speak at numerous events hoping to get the attention of the government. Anna’s hard work soon paid off; by 1911 almost all states in the union were celebrating Mother’s Day. Then in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson made it official; Mother’s Day would become a national holiday that would be celebrated on the second Sunday in May of every year. This year will mark the 100th year anniversary of the official Mother’s Day holiday – it’s definitely a cause for celebration.

Show Her You Care 

After understanding the beginnings of Mother’s Day, now it’s time to think about how to celebrate the women in your life. Picking the perfect gift can often turn into a daunting task. What can we give the woman who raised us? Something from the heart of course! A handmade gift is always a good idea. We used to bring home arts and crafts for our mom to hang on the fridge; why not try your hand at handmade as an adult! Giving your mom something you put love and work into making shows just how much you really care about her. There are countless do-it-yourself projects that any mother would love!

Then again, if you’re not the craftiest person around, you could spend time searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift online. It’s customary to give your mother flowers on this special day. Why not give her something she will keep forever? This is where choosing the perfect piece of jewelry comes in. A beautiful piece of gold of silver jewelry will last a lifetime and remind your mom of how much you really appreciate her.

One of the best Mother’s Day gifts is a Mother’s Ring. Here at Jewel Basket, we pride ourselves in having one of the best selections of Mother’s Rings. We carry an amazing selection of the original Mother’s Rings by Guertin Brothers. These rings are totally customizable and unique. You simply choose from gold or silver and go from there! These Mother’s Rings feature many different settings and shapes to choose from and can be customized with colored birthstone gems. You can choose the birthstones of you and your siblings to make a gorgeous ring. You could also choose gemstones that represent special dates or your mom’s favorite colors. Jewel Basket even offers personalized rings with names!

Your Mother’s Day gift selection isn’t limited to Mother’s Rings at Jewel Basket. We also offer a full selection of personalized charms, pendants, and bracelets. With all of the hard work and dedication our mothers put in, they deserve a day just for themselves. Giving your mom a gorgeous, handpicked ring, charm, or bracelet is a small way to show her how much you appreciate everything she’s done for you. Remember, if it weren’t for her, you wouldn’t be here!